Doorknockers of Tuscany

Italy is known for its design and finesse in craftsmanship. It is part of their heritage passed on through the centuries. Tuscany, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, exhibits this particular aspect of the Italian’s artistic talent proudly and liberally. It is everywhere. The most mundane things are objects of great beauty.

The most ubiquitous being the Tuscan doorknockers. A doorknocker’s purpose is to convey the presence of a visitor to somebody’s home. People use it as a utilitarian device. The Tuscans do so with a flourish. The sheer variety and quality of designs is mind boggling. From variations of the majestic lion, demonic figures and old wise men to floral motifs with intricate textures From the plain and sombre to surprisingly, faces with Egyptian head gear. Some are heavy, made of iron, some seemingly light looking, yet pack in a punch and some made with brass.

Walking across Florence, Siena and San Gimignano, it was amazing stumbling upon these treasures. I never knew what the next corner would bring. Each one made me think about the people behind the door it guards. Who is the solemn guardian looking out for? The doorknockers actually made me think and look more closely at the ‘people’ of Tuscany along with the art, architecture and food.

Scroll down to see the beauties!


DSC_0349 (2)DSC_0375 (2)DSC_0374 (2)DSC_0452 (2)DSC_0499DSC_0501DSC_0489DSC_0491DSC_0371 (2)DSC_0389 (2)DSC_0390 (2)


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